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Edge of Heaven: 10 Kids, 10 Songs
The Henman Family CD
Halifax, NS – September 2017 – In 2016, a few siblings from Nova Scotia sat in their sister’s living room in the picturesque village of Mabou, Cape Breton, making music – as they invariably do when together. That night, the seed was planted to create a CD of original Henman songs. It seemed to be the right time. The concept of the CD Edge of Heaven: 10 Kids, 10 Songs was born.
The musical talent of their parents, Julia and Bill Henman, fostered a passion for music in each of their ten children. It was not uncommon to have a Henman perform in a local church choir, stage play or rock band. All ten Henmans, aged 56 to 70, are still either making or enjoying music.
Their new CD is a true labor of love and legacy. Although two of the siblings live outside of Nova Scotia – one as far away as British Columbia – all ten have come together for this special project of ten original songs.
“I was excited from the first moment we discussed the project. The songs, the lyrics, the musicians, the vocals, our Producer and arranger – everything is falling into place. I am very proud of what we have created. I think our friends and fans are going to love it, “says oldest brother Jim.
Several Henman siblings have had careers in the performing arts. Jim is one of the founding members of the Canadian rock band, April Wine, and a Juno Hall of Fame member. Jean (Beks) has three CDs to her credit, including featured performances on various artists’ projects. She has performed in Germany and Canada as a solo and group artist. Pat followed her acting passion as a 35-year veteran of live theatre, and in 2012 won the Kootenay Music Award Song of the Year for her solo debut album. The youngest brother, Paul, has been composing and performing for many years. Joan (MacLeod) makes her debut as a lyricist, working closely with Paul and Jim, while the remaining five – Jack, Bob, Harold, Judy and Stephen – have been working behind the scenes to develop the song list, and are featured singing lead vocal spots and background. As a bonus, their Mother’s recording in her late eighties of In the Chapel in the Moonlight will be a bonus track on the CD.
Ian Sherwood, Canadian singer/songwriter/musician and producer, worked with the Henman family to arrange and create a cohesive CD project of the 10 original Henman songs, and also performs on the project. Scott Ferguson of MFP Matrix Studio contributed his engineering skills and his musical talent as drummer to all ten songs.
Proceeds of the CD will be donated to MADD Canada (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). In 2013, the youngest sister, Pat , and her daughter Maia, were critically injured by a drunk driver in a car crash, prompting the family to unite in support of MADD. For more information on MADD Canada please visit their website at CD will be released for sale in October 2017 with performances planned for 2018.
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Henman Family CD “Edge Of Heaven” 10 kids, 10 songs For Release Oct 2017


Henman Family with Dads brother Rod .


Hi, my name is Jim Henman, a founding member of Canada’s April Wine and now an acoustic solo touring artist and performing acoustically with Myles Goodwyn of April Wine fame during  2017.  I come from a family of ten brothers and sisters ranging from ages of 53 to 70.  In 2013, we  almost lost a sister to a car accident and a younger brother had an incident .  Because of these two events my brothers, sisters and I decided to do a project together, something we could be passionate about.  Many of us sing, play instruments and write songs, so a Cd of original songs was something we could do and a natural choice.

In 2013 my sister Pat, and her daughter Maia, were hit by a drunk driver while driving home from Calgary, Alberta to Nelson, BC.  An intoxicated driver crossed the road and collided with them head-on.  Pat actually died at the scene but was revived and went through the long process of recovery in the Calgary Foothills Hospital.  My niece Maia was severely injured on her ankles and legs, abdomen, pelvic region and wrists.  Both these ladies will live with with the consequences of these injuries for the remainder of their lives.

A few years later one of my younger brothers suddenly lost consciousness while out walking.  He has lived an active life playing baseball and hockey while always keeping in shape.  The Doctors believe it may have been a mini stroke. The police suspected a car was involved.  Just after this last  event my wife suggested that the family should do some project together because of  “these incidences of close encounters with our two siblings”.

While in Cape Breton, I mentioned the idea of a family Cd to a few sisters and they decided immediately that they would love to do it.  The idea to donate a  portion of proceeds to MADD was a natural fit.  We were offered generous financial support to record the project and the family was engaged fully in the planning discussions.  It became a passion for my family to get the songs written and recorded.  We started October, 2016 and we will be finished at the end of October, 2017 when the Cds will be available for purchase.

I am happy to say our sister Pat has composed two of the songs, “You” and “It Can Wait”.   She sang lead vocals on them while here on a family visit from Nelson, BC in early September.  Our brother Paul contributed 3 songs “Mississippi Mud”, “Haven’t Finished Today” and “Every Other Day”, while  sister Joan wrote lyrics for her very first tune called “White House” (On The Hill), a  song which allowed us to relive lots of family memories .  “White House” spoke to all 10 of us as we had lived in 2 white houses on hills from the early 50s to late 70s.  Our sister Jean wrote and sang two tunes entitled “In Love With You” and one of my personal favorites, “My Home Town” a statement on how the faces of our home towns are changing.  I have two songs on the project “I Can’t Remember Her Name”, based around a youthful romantic evening at The Shore Club in Hubbards, Nova Scotia and “Round And Round”, a co-write with Nova Scotia’s Joel Plaskett.  Even our 90 year old mother makes a posthumous appearance on an old tune, “In The Chapel” which she often sang at  our family parties.  All 5 other family members Jack, Bob, Harold, Judy and Stephen  have contributed to the  background vocals.

I think I enjoyed working on this project more then any of the many of which I have taken part.  The fact that it will financially support the efforts of MADD, in educating Canadians on the consequences of mixing alcohol and motor vehicles gives my family great satisfaction.

For $25 we will send our Henman Family Cd to your home.  You will receive your CD well before Christmas, 2017.

My family is so lucky to have so  many vocalists, guitar players and  accomplished song writers.  This Cd project has brought all 10 of us closer together, more than when we were kids.  Although not kids anymore,  at this time it can feel like it.

If you are not able to purchase a Cd, perhaps you could share this with friends.  Thanks a million for your support and for not drinking and driving.  You can contact us by email at   to place your order, give us your mailing address, arrange payment and shipping.  Payment arrangements can be made through Paypal, Interac or by  cheque.

If you wish to send your cd order by snail mail please address your mail to : PO Box 36116, Spring Garden Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 3S9

Thank you from the Henman family for your support.



Here are a few links to people who have worked on the project.

Scott Ferguson (who has his own family story of his son being hit by a drunk driver) engineered the sessions at FMP studio.

The  FMP Matrix

 Ian Sherwood produced the sessions.

 Pat Henman

More on Maia and Pats story…
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JIm Henman


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Jim Henman, co-founder of April Wine and Juno Hall Of Fame inductee will be playing the Maritimes 2017 summer season performing at various house concerts and small venues. If anyone is interested in hosting a house concert or small venue show please private message. Check out a live show, bio etc on the interactive buttons on PDF for more info.

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