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Downs Really Up 2001

I met Peter Henry in 2001 and he asked if I would help write a song about the birth of his son Jonathan. Jonathan had been born with Down syndrome and Peter had a challenge when he became aware of this. This is the story of one man’s acceptance, love and dedication to his son and family. Written in the hope of supporting  Special Olympics thru this recording.

Downs Really Up 2002


Downs Really Up written by Jim Henman and Peter Henry . The story of Peter and his son  Jonathans journey .  Peter asked me to write the music for his words. Our intent was to try to use the sale of the CD as a fundraiser for Special Olympics . Jonathan is an incredible athlete and always does his very best when competing during them  . Jonathan just came back from competing in Europe last month . Jeannie Beks and Terry Kelly  did  a great job on the singing  .  Arrangment  by Konrad Pluta . (song starts at 1.18 )