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New Mike Trask song “Call Me”

In the studio with Mike Trask , Paul Eisan , John Appley and John Noseworthy on the Star Trek console. Greatjohn N studio tune for my mockup 45 . Made my daughter cry … course she cries easy since she had little baby Sebastian .

S S Boogie Today

I must admit , I have not in my life worked on recording  a tune over such a long period of time . I am into more then a year. This is ridiculous ! I really don’t understand how it happened. Between  money , time , peoples schedules , life, babies, sickness , indecision and mistakes I am now here. I have decided I am finished with it this this week  no matter what . In the words of the  talented songwriter , Myles Goodwyn, Enough Is Enough! Jimgradient all the info45 Top Black

CD mockup 45 Single For S S Boogie

45 Top Black