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Mockup 45 Artwork

This is the artwork done by SimplyODD for my Mockup 45 release of Shame Shame Boogie later this month.gradient all the info

Here’s a List of some perks gone for my S S Boogie Indiegogo Campaign .

So far the perks to be given out are 1 Download , 4 Same Old Feeling Cds with new and old S S Boogie , 4 of the 7inch vinyls(45) with my CD Same Old Feeling  AND   14 CDs and mockup 45 plus 2 of everything almost . Thanks everyone . We are getting there . 34 days left . Jim

Thank You To Supporters

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far to my “Taking The Shame Out Of Shame Shame Boogie ” campaign at Indiegogo . I have raised $ 565 in the last 5 days  and  and am hopeful about attaining my goal . Please share with  your friends know,  if you would .   39 days left.