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Second rehearsal of what was to become first lineup of April Wine

Thanks to my Uncle Charles for doing this footage back in 1969 . This was second rehearsal of the first lineup of April Wine , David , Ritchie , Myles and myself . The footage is not that clear . It is what it is . “That’s All I Got”  is a song I wrote about  my days back in Montreal in the early 1970s . It is included on my just released CD ” Same Old Feeling ” . Thanks to JC Douglas at Q104 for access to DVD of this  footage .


Original rehearsal of “Same Old Feeling” from 1 year ago

I found it interesting to go back and view this video from one year ago jus before I started the CD project . AJ , Charles Phillips , Mike Trask and John Appleby . Funny to watch how musicians move when they play .


What some fans and industry people are saying about “Same Old Feeling”

I let some music business people and fans give a listen . . Here are some responses.

Steven Cooke ( Chronicle Herald Entertainment  Writer ) “The start of brave new things ”

Joe Beaton (Novelist) …..”Brings J.J. Cale to mind”

Tom Bedell Q104 ….. “A bouncy, bluesy collection of songs that touches on the rootsiness of The Band. Touches of country blues and old-school country make this a very listenable collection.”

Martin Melhuish (Author ,TV writer/Director) ……like it. Jim has done a fine job here. This is music of a kind and a time and a place that one needs to visit from time to time. Music from the heart and simply for the love – acoustic and joyous. Music as warm and comforting as the crackling of a fire in the hearth on a cold winter’s night.

David Henman (musician/composer)….”Same Old Feeling succeeds far and beyond my highest expectations. in fact, i will go on record as proclaiming this a major recording. the music herein sounds as old as time, and as fresh as the latest electronic gizmo. i’m predicting phenomenal success, because these songs, so beautifully crafted, performed, and captured, and jim’s voice, as warm, intimate and familiar as your favourite slippers, and yet as rich and vibrant as an original stradivarius, are utterly irresistible.”

Darrin Harvey ( 89.3 K-Rock/Producer of The Blues Own )….I have a theory that when great musicans feel they have gone as far as they can in the genre they are best known for, they turn to the limitless world of the blues. Clapton did it. Aerosmith did it. Now, it’s Jim Henman’s turn. As a founding member of rock icons April Wine, Henman is a hall-of-famer and Juno award winner. With the release of a truly great bluesy album Jim Henman has found the roots that made him, and he’s never sounded better.
Appropriately called ‘Same Old Feeling’ the record has just that. Upon first listen you get the sense that you’ve been here before. It’s that comfy old chair that you sit in every day and wouldn’t part with for the world. This record is awesome and you WILL be hearing it on our blues show.

Blain Henshaw 9 (Songwriter/ Former TV News Personality) “A very refreshing performance of some great material. The songs are all well written and performed straight from the heart. I Don’t Have No Blues and You Can Have My Heart are two of my personal favourites, along with Jim’s great interpretation of Walk Right In. ”

Alan and Janet (musicians) ….”Excellent recording quality and awesome performance. This is music for the soul. Fun! Upbeat. Feel good music.
It was like they were right here in our front room!”

Dan Burns (fan)…There really is a lot of good stuff going on there. That guitar riff on Could Be Heaven sticks in my mind and a lot of the imagery from Same Old Feeling and the voices that finish off That’s All I Got was awesome. Still hear George Martin at the end of You Can Have My Heart.

Darrell(fan)….”I just listened to Same Old Feeling and I absolutely loved it from the cd’s jacket to the song titles to the songs lyrics . If I had to pick a couple of favourites I would have to say That’s All I Got and…Shame Shame Boogy.”

David P(fan and retired CBC employee)…”Same old…” There’s a funky, rough and ready quality, reminding me of some of Bonnie Raitt’s stuff. I heard some early Chet Atkins style riffs, which were terrific. Buddy Holly influences were nice to hear too. Since I’m an old guy, I hear licks from the 50s, which brings a smile. No question though that the younger listeners will discover a breath of fresh air in “Same old..” which is free of the multi-track ka-booms so present in current music.”

Dan B(fan)…. “Sometimes I was hearing a little “John Sebastian” and then maybe “John Sebastian if he was backed up by “The Band” and then a little “Dylan” and maybe “George Martin” dropped by to touch up a few arrangements. But it was better than that. It was a journey all its own. There were old songs like “Slow Down” that sounded new and new songs like “Shame, Shame Boogey” that feel like someone put a tape recorder in Woody Guthrie’s back sack while he was singing riding the rails. There was a love song “U Can Have My Heart” that you just got to sing along to, and a rockin “Could Be Heaven” that will fill a dance floor in 2 seconds. Then you feel like your sitting on a back step somewhere with the sun in your eyes with a cold beer and Jim’s telling you his life story with “Same Old Feeling” and “That’s All I Got”. The Sixties !! Uruguay ! And it’s a good life story. The arrangements never ceased to surprise and there is some fine guitar picking..mandolin too ??…. It’s so nice to hear real musicians making real music. 5 Stars”

Pat N ( fan) ….. It’s just nice easy listening, soothing and upbeat at the same time. Nice for a summer afternoon.