Jimmy Rodgers from 1930s. The first country blues I heard as a child in the 50s. One of the first tunes I learnt when I was about 12


My dad loved this guy . He played guitar /sang around Stewiacke area and did a lot of Rodgers  tunes as a teenager  . I still have  the 33 and 1/3s that my dad bought in the late 50s early 60s  . Many of Rodgers old 78s were released on long playing albums . One of the first tunes I learned to play was this one , yodel and all . I believe Rodgers was  doing a diluted  version ( for the white masses) of what the real country blues was  like back then .


  1. I actually remember this voice in our house, scratchy records playing in the living room on our big ol’ consol..

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