New CD “House Plants” Released and Booking House Concerts For 2016

Hi Everyone. Happy 2016. I have just released my CD of songs started at house concerts entitled “House Plants”. You can enjoy a listen at¬†


I am also booking house concerts with 12thfretagency at  Anyone interested in setting up a show with me can contact me thru 12thfretagency.

Here’s a house concert sample of me playing out in Nelson, BC. Enjoy

New Cd name chnage to “House Plants ” and a sample song

Here’s the look of my new cd and one of the tunes, Pajamas , a novelty piece. It’s fun. Started it on Candy Mountain Road 18 months ago. It was the first of these 10 tunes on House Plants.

Listen and Like if you would. Rough mix of tune from my next cd .

Rough mix of “No Way” from “House Plants” .

Hope you LIKE it and my page. Jim Henman