I wrote this tune in 8 minutes. Even so it’s fun to play and the audiences seem to like it. Produced by Mike Trask with Dutch Masons old band and his son on guitar. Recorded at John Noseworthy’s studio, Songsmith.

Bedford Basin Yacht Club Song

Last night at Bedford Yacht Yacht Club I started a new tune with the audience. Here’s a sample of some of the ideas they gave me. I’ve been writing tunes at my house concerts for the last few years. They picked ” I’m Hooked” as the title and here’s a few ideas they threw out . Be interesting to see where this will go. Lot of sailors there. I must add it was a real pleasure playing for and meeting many of these folks. Even some old friends from 40 years ago there. Wow!im hooked

Downs Really Up 2001

I met Peter Henry in 2001 and he asked if I would help write a song about the birth of his son Jonathan. Jonathan had been born with Down syndrome and Peter had a challenge when he became aware of this. This is the story of one man’s acceptance, love and dedication to his son and family. Written in the hope of supportingĀ  Special Olympics thru this recording.